06 July 2011

Working on the Staging Yard

Recently I've been very busy at work and at home etc. etc. and hadn't much time for my layout. Just in the last few days I could find few minutes here and there to go on with laying track on the staging yard and cleaning up the mess of cables and wires I used for track and turnout servos.
Right now I've put down the 'other side' of the staging turnout ladder and all the four staging lanes. Tracks and turnouts aren't glued to the cork base yet. Next is to connect the feeder wires of track and turnouts to power them correctly and apply the glue, actually latex caulk.
Then, the staging yard will be temporarily completed. I'm not planning to install servos for the second yard ladder and will use the yard as single ended until tracks on the last layout section will be laid down. This way will be easier and faster to adjust the position of the yard ladder if required.

Here are few more photos of the staging yard. Even if not in the photos I've already laid all the tracks and completed the yard.

The second turnout ladder and the first two yard tracks

I've also mounted the servos' control buttons and LEDs on the fascia (left picture) and switches to power the yard tracks and the turnout servo decoder board (right picture)

A switch for controlling power to the servo decoder board of the left layout section (left picture) and a view from below of the staging yard servo decoder board and two servos (right picture)

Yard views from the tracks

See you soon...

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