21 December 2009

Happy Holidays

Not much work done this time. Last week and the weekend in particular have been pretty cold. At least for the place where I live. So not very much work done on the layout.

I could only apply the Quickstick ties to my first hand-made turnouts that now are almost completed. Only painting rails and ties remains. Hopefully I'll post few photo soon.

A part from that, the previous weekend I laid down three pieces of flextrack and one turnout, just to give it a try with some locos and cars. I drop feeders to all three flextrack and connected together to the main bus lines. Again, more to come on this as well with few photo of my prototype electrical connections.

So far the loco I tested run quite well except for the GE 44 Tonner that stalls on the frog since it's not yet powered. Longer locos go through the turnout without any problems.

Hope to see you soon and in the meantime... Happy Holidays to everybody.

05 December 2009

QuadP test video

Few weeks ago I received what I ordered from Tam Valley Depot (see my previous post) so I wanted to try the servo decoders, both the QuadP and the Singlet.

This short video shows my first test with the QuadP connected to my PowerCab. Just one servo and its control panel are connected to the QuadP. It can drive four servos, though.

See you soon...