23 August 2010

Cork roadbed

After a couple of weeks of vacation I'm back home and at work :(
So, it's time for a quick update of my recent work on the layout.

Before the break I tested a kind of a jig I made to cut cork roadbed strips from 2 millimiters roll I bought quite some time ago. I found two 5'-long scrap pieces of wood that have an edge cut at 45 degrees. So, after reading a very good tip on Enzo's blog, I decided to try myself and made few strips.

They look quite good and even if the process of cutting is rather time consuming I can get a lot of strips at a very low price. I don't remember exactly how much the cork roll did cost but it was rather cheap for sure.

Here are a couple of pictures of the jig and one of the first strips I cut.

See you soon...