31 October 2010

New Rolling Stock

After quite a long time a couple of Picasa web albums of my last two shipments of new rolling stock. Some very nice TOFC cars from Athearn and a bunch of SP and UP insulated boxcars from Red Caboose.

You can have a look here:

New Rolling Stock

New Rolling Stock

See you soon...

04 October 2010

Ballast Tests

After quite a long time I'm back to my blog with few updates. I did very few work lately on my layout, just a couple of "side projects".

Using few pieces of scrap wood I built a small rack to hold few glass containers (jars?) I used to hold the various kind of Woodland Scenics ballast I bought some time ago along with few mix test I did to find the right ballast color for my railroad.

After that I wanted to experiment with ballasting track so I took an old (almost 30 years old) piece of HO sectional track and a piece of my code 55 N track. I glued them on two pieces of scrap wood and start testing to ballast track and also to find the right colour/mix of ballast.

Ballast on the left is with the tan fine ballast while on the right is a 50%/50% mix of grey and light-grey.

Here on the left is all grey ballast.

Here you can see all three tests: grey on the left, tan in the middle and the 50%/50% mix on the right.

That's it for now, see you soon...