22 April 2010

Laying Power Bus, Some Photos

I completed the power bus lines last weekend. Now all three sections have power bus lines and power strips ready for track feeders.

Next is the backdrop as soon as I finished painting it sky blue.

Here are some photos of the power bus:

See you soon...

11 April 2010

Laying Power Bus

Not very much time this week to work on my layout. Just few hours I used to lay down the power bus lines for the section on the left and on the back.

I wanted to keep the cabling as neat as possible so I used three connector connector strips for each section in order to have plenty of space to connect feeders. So far no power districts are present but it wouldn't be difficult to do since I have to isolate on power strip from the other and should be done.

See you soon...

06 April 2010

More on TVD turnout servo testing

During Easter Holidays I had some time to test turnout servos and controllers I purchased from TVD. I wanted to check how it worked when placing the turnout on top of a 1" pink styrofoam instead of directly on the plywood.

This time I used a piece of 0.024" spring wire in place of the solid electrical wire I used in my first test. After a little of tweaking with the servo and the hole sizes in the plywood and styrofoam I finally got it to work.
A 0.24" hole I ended up with is a little too wide but I could have cut a narrower slot instead of a round hole and it would have worked fine. Also, it would be much more visible underneath the turnout ties.

Anyway, testing with the turnout servo went fine and I'm confident enough I can apply this technique for my layout. Yet, I still have to decide whether to use 1" styrofoam as subroadbed or to lay roadbed on top of the plywood directly.
I suppose I have to think about the layout design a bit more and figure out the elevation characteristics of the area I want to model.

Having said that, last week I also received my last order from N Scale Supply. Three great hoppers from BLMA and a bunch of Bluford Shops 86' auto parts box cars. Here are few photos.

New Rolling Stock

Lastly, I painted two more sheets of coroplast for the backdrop this time using a large flat brush instead of a small paint roller. I can't see any difference so I'll use the brush 'cause it's much more easy to clean once done painting.

See you soon...