09 January 2010

Latest locomotives and cars

Few days ago I received from N Scale Supply my last order for locomotives and cars. Last month I ordered two Kato EMD NW2 Switchers; Southern Pacific 1313 and 1315. They are painted in black with orange stripes and look fantastic. They come with fine plastic handrails, front and rear light and a detailed cab interior. Personally, I think these two switcher are wonderful.

The switchers are come in configured for DC power however Digitrax makes a drop-in replacement decoder -DN123K3- for this locomotives so I decided to order two of those decoders as well. Thoug, I don't know how easy it'll be to put in the decoders yet.

Also, I've included in the order a couple of Atlas Union Pacific 50' flat cars with stakes. I find these two cars very nice as well.

While my order was under processing some items from a previous order to N Scale Supply became available so they kindly shipped together with my latest order.
So I received two Athearn Northern Pacific 53' bulkhead flat cars and two packages of Fox Valley Models low profile wheel sets. One with 33" wheels the other with 36" wheels.

The Athearn's cars are very well done, I like them a lot. Also, I decided to try the FVM wheels and substituted the factory-mounted plastic wheels of the Athearn's cars.
Metal wheels looks much better but most important they seem to work and "roll" much much better than the plastic ones. Most likely in the long run I'm going to substitute all the plastic wheels with metal counterparts.

Now few photos of the new locos and cars.

EMD NW2 switchers and flat cars

Kato's EMD NW2 switchers SP1313 and SP1315

Back and top view of NW2s

Atlas Union Pacific 50' flat cars with stakes

Athearn Northern Pacific 53' bulkhead flat cars

Underside details of Athearn's and Atlas' flat cars.
Athearns' have been already equipped with 33" low profile
metal wheelsets from Fox Valley Models

See you soon...

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