01 February 2010

Hand made #8 turnout

During the last days I found some spare time to build the fifth #6 turnout using Fast-Track material. I improved my skills at building turnouts along the way so my last two #6 work and look much better than my first attempts.
Also, I thought I could try to build a #8 turnout without the help of a #8 jig. I used a printed template on a sheet of paper to guide the construction process and a MicroEngineering code 55 track gauge to space the rails correctly. To file the frog and point rails I used the tool for #6 turnout I have. Point rails are not so different though the frog rails have a different angle. So, I filed them manually to have a narrower angle than what obtained with the #8 filing tool.

Look at other photos here

Overall I'm rather satisfied with the result and I think I could build #8 turnouts without buying a new jig and tool. The building process is much slower and cumbersome, though.

See you soon...

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