30 November 2009

Benchwork construction, part 18

This time I did some more work on the benchwork construction. I installed the supporting L-shaped metal beams for the second level on the left section. I used 10" metal brackets because they have a reduced vertical footprint and given the very tight vertical space I have available this is a must.
As for the lower floor I used a metal beam for modular shelves on the back side while on the front I used an alluminium L-shaped beam. The latter is clearly less robust and stiff but it's much more light and I think should be enough to support the subroadbed of the upper level.

To this end I'm thinking about using something different from the plywood used for the lower level. I bought a piece of extruded foam about 1" deep and looks like I could use that as the subroadbed for the the upper level. It's twice as deep as the plywood of the lower lever but it's much much more light.

Lastly I installed some pieces of what can be called fascia for the lower level. Actually is a strip of masonite 2" high, not really a fascia. However I'm planning to put turnout controls and socket panels for the DCC throttle on that.

See you soon...

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