24 March 2010

Installing Backdrop, part 1

Last weekend I started installing the backdrop. Before that I totally removed brackets and girders that were supposed to support the upper level since I decided to have just one level. Thinking about what to use for the backdrop the first idea was sheets of masonite. However, I thought a lighter material would be much better since it very important to keep the overall weight of each section as low as possible.

Then, few days ago, I read an article from Ryan Anderson in the last issue of Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine about tips and link on how to improve the quality of photos and model railroad photography in particular. On one of the site Ryan mentioned I found a very interesting post on at least two ways to build a light tent to shoot better photos. One used sheets of coroplast for that purpose.
So, I thought coroplast could be a very interesting and much lighter alternative to masonite. I bought few 59" by 19" 1/2 sheets of coroplast and attached two of them to the legs of the left-side benchwork section. I used small pieces of double-sided tape that's strong more than enough for that.

Finally I painted a first layer of blue for the sky. It needs more paint to have a uniform color and I have to find some way to keep the backdrop more straight and aligned. However. I'm quite happy with the result and for sure it's very light.

See you soon...

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