24 March 2010

My First Light Tent

On the last installment of Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine Ryan Anderson wrote a very interesting article on how to improve one's photographic skills and referenced very interesting photo-related websites.

One in particular was very useful to me DIY Photography. All photos I took so far of my work-in-progress and of my locomotives and rolling stock didn't satisfied my very much.
From the very first shots done holding my DSLR in my hands I moved to using a tripod, then excluded the camera flash, increased the aperture values in order to get greater depth of fields and finally I came to the point everybody reach when trying to shoot better pictures: use a tripod with a lot of bright and diffused lights.

Then, I read the blog post on paper and binders light tent on DIY Photography and decided to give it a try. I also bought a pair of CFL and "recycled" two very old desk lamps to be used as light sources.

So, I put everything together following directions and shoot few photos for testing purposes. I think the result is much better and tweaking a little bit more I can get even better pictures.

Here is a sample photo of one of my favorite boxcars and how I took the picture.

See you soon...

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