24 January 2011

Better Mountains

Yet another installation on my "never ending" saga of backdrop painting. Yesterday I tried to get better looking mountains painting more ranges of hills farther and closer. It's better but not good enough yet. Closer mountains are still too uniform and dark however I could get a little more depth painting distant hills in lighter colors. This is a very bad photo taken with my iPhone of the backdrop section I worked on.

See you soon...


Jerry said...

Hello! Enjoying your blog and following your progress! I'm in the midst of my own backdrop creation (well, that and a hundred other things, I tend to try and do everything at once! Yikes), but I have to say, your clouds look outstanding! I couldn't tell that from a picture of the real thing! Nice work!

ricky4208 said...

Hi Jerry,

thanks for following my blog and for your very kind words, really appreciated.