05 April 2011

Laying Track, Again

Most likely this will be one of many posts about laying track and turnouts. Anyway, this morning I shot few photos of my progress on laying track on the first section I did during the weekend. Cork strips are all down and I started preparing turnouts soldering a feeder wire for powering the frog, made holes for the feeders and started installing the Tam Valley Depot DCC servos and decoder for moving turnout points. So far I installed two of them and I'm more or less happy the way they work. I'm not gluing down turnouts yet because I want to test fit them together with flextrack.
In the picture below you can see the TVD Quad servo DCC decoder and the tools I used. Also, you can see the actual track arrangement I chose. In the first picture you can see I decided to connect the spur for Fairn & Swanson to one of the track serving Johansing Iron Works. This way I can have an additional run-around. In the last picture there's the area of where Cemex Aggregates will be -in place of 23rd St. and Kennedy St.- with the track serving that industry.

See you soon...

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