30 March 2011

Laying Track

Big milestone this one. I started laying down the first pieces of track. Actually not yet tracks, however I marked down where the tracks should be on the entire right section and glued down some cork strips as road bed.

This section is going to represent the area close to Fruitvale Ave., Glasscock St. and will end up the curve to the ConAgra mill and Cemex Aggregates. I'm still in the process of refining the design of the layout that is somewhat changed with respect to the latest published version. In fact, I'm planning to move Cemex Aggregates from the left to the right corner of the middle section. So, instead of 27th St. crossing with Kennedy St. I though to put Cemex Aggregates.
This -in addition to be more close to the order of industries on the prototype- will leave more space for the ConAgra mill better using the available space in the right corner that previously was used simply for scenery.
I'm still refining the layout plan since the current arrangement of tracks at the ConAgra mill doesn't look totally good to me. I'm thinking to have the mill building more closely resembling the prototype -even with a lot of selective compression- using up all the space in the middle section of the layout.
I hope to update the layout project page soon.

In the past weeks I also did some more weathering, well a sort of. I painted a bunch of wheelsets with a brown color to give a rust look. That's not perfect but looks better than shiny wheels.

Here are two Athearn cars with the painted wheelsets.

See you soon...

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