12 May 2011

Installing Turnout Servos and Decoders

After laying tracks and turnouts on the first section and fixing minors problems with way cars and loco go through them I started to install turnout servos and DCC decoders I bought from Tam Valley Depot. Few days ago I received my second shipment from TVD containing brackets for mounting servos among other stuff. Brackets sold by TVD are resin castings made by Motrak Models. Very well done and the perfect fit for TVD servos.
Mounting servos using those brackets is really easy and everything works really well. Brackets come with everything required to mount them including double-sided tape and piece of spring wire for moving the throwbar.
Up to now I've installed seven servos driven by two TVD's Quad Pic Servo Decoder. I've also already mounted four fascia panels for manual control of five out of seven turnouts (two servos are actually driven by one decoder output since they need to always move together).

I'll post a full photo report of the current status soon, in the meantime few picture of a sample of the brackets, servos and decoders.

See you soon...

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D. Tom Conboy said...

I've heard a lot of good things about these servos. I look forward to hearing how they work out for you.