02 May 2011

New Locomotives

Latest addition to my locomotive roster is a couple of Atlas EMD GP9 Phase II. Obviously Southern Pacific. As usual I've added DCC decoder using Digitrax drop-in replacement decoders, in this case DN163A2. The whole installation is rather simple and all worked fine at the first shot.

So, here are few photos of the new locos. I find these locos well detailed and running really smooth even if I didn't tweaked with CVs yet and basically I'm using the factory settings except for the DCC address.

Lately, I've been working also on laying track on the first section. Work is going on with small problems here and there but overall I'm happy with the outcome. I'll post an update on this soon, hopefully.

See you soon...

1 comment:

D. Tom Conboy said...

Nice looking loco!