26 October 2009

First turnouts continued

In the past week I kept on working on my first two hand-made turnouts. So far I completed a left and a right #6 turnout. Still missing is the isolation of the frog -I need a jeweler saw- and to glue the quickstick ties.

Overall I'm rather satisfied with the results even though I have to improve in many of the steps in order to acheive both a good working and good looking turnout. For example I need to make better soldering applying less solder, make less evident gaps in the PCB ties and, most of all, be more precise when soldering the wing rails and the frog point in order to fully comply with the NMRA specifications.

Anyway, these are the lates photos taken.

On the left the first two turnouts with stock rails already filed and in place;
on the right the first completed turnout with frogpoints, guard rails and
switch point installed

Close-ups of the frog area and the point area

Hopefully, I'll do better with the next ones.

See you soon...

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