13 February 2011

Testing NCE PowerCab USB Interface

Today I went for a completely different subject. No more backdrop, painting and the like. Instead, I wanted to try the USB interface I bought with my NCE PowerCab.

So, I took an older Mac laptop and following the JMRI instructions I installed the required drivers and JMRI Decoder Pro. Connected all the cables and... voilĂ : all worked like a charm. Simply great!

I had a lot of fun playing with my locomotive roster, reading all CVs into Decoder Pro and doing some programming. At least for the basic funcions it's very easy to use. For example, I copied the decoder settings from my Bachmann GE 44Ton to the new GE 70Ton and it worked perfectly.

This is a small video I took with my iPhone when Decoder Pro was reading all CVs from one of the two EMD NW2 from Kato with a Digitrax decoder.

I really encourage anyone to give JMRI a try, it's a great piece of software and is free!

By the way, here are two pics of my latest addition to the locomotive roster: SP GE 70Ton from Bachmann Spectrum

Photos of the rest of the rolling stock as soon as I get my camera battery working again :(

See you soon...

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