28 February 2011

New Rolling Stock

As promised in a previous post here are the new cars I received recently from my last two orders. Exact Rails ATSF covered hoppers and either COFC or TOFC from ConCor.

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Exact Rails' cars feature amazing details. As far as I can say they are the best cars I have. This set had few small construction defects, though. Some cars ha the roof not perfectly placed and loose so that it separated from the rest of the body. Fixing it back in place wasn't a great deal, however it's a little bit disappointing for such a great product. As you can see in the pictures above I tried to shot few close ups to show the nice details of these cars.

ConCor flat cars are all another story. Even though they aren't exactly cheap the overall quality is far from perfect, rather disappointing I'd say. In fact, painting is not very uniform and too 'thick' so that is masks cars details. Also, lettering doesn't look very crisp and accurate to me. Maybe I'm wrong but they show the worst quality/price ratio of all the cars and locos I have purchased so far.

Anyway, in the end of the day I'm happy to have few more cars for my Ninth Ave. Terminal Dock. By the way, I've also purchase a couple of Kato trucks with containers and two containers sets. Very nice stuff. Great details, much better than ConCor containers and Heiki truck I received few weeks ago.

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See you soon...

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